Social Evolution


Just have been thinking of the current economic situation that we are all in, and how so many people can get so depressed about something as needless as money. As people we do not need money. We need clothes, shelter, food and water anything beyond that is not needed but wanted. I totally understand the complete removal of a monetary system would change society imensly. Is that not sad that what defines us as a group of people on a planet is slips of paper and lumps of metal? This is actually not true since 97% of the american dollar does not physically exists, it only exists on computers. That just belittles it more, saying that we are scared of the situation of an object/idea that most of does not physically exist.

For the human race to ever expand we need to socially evolve by breaking away from greed.

Just food for thought.


One Response to “Social Evolution”

  1. rvewong Says:

    Exactly, we need to pick up the pace before we all go obsolete.

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