Blackout Ireland and other internet stuff


Ireland’s largest broadband provider at the moment has agreed that if the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) get a court order to block a website eircom will comply. Currently the IRMA are trying to block, I am not trying to support piracy, I am trying to support an uncensored internet.

Blackout Ireland is  a movement setup to protect the Irish peoples right to a uncensored internet. So if you are Irish or a user of the internet (which I would say you are) and would like to fight for your right to freedom you can help by contacting eircom at , other important email address to contact as well are,,, , if you do send an email please be civil and I recommend you do not mention piracy because this campaign is about censorship not piracy.  You can also help by downloading the Blackout Ireland avatar from and by changing the banner on your blog or site.


Other news for those who check here regularly, my internet service provider did something in my area to the lines and it is going to take a while to get fixed, so it is a luxury for me to be on the internet at the moment. So updates are going to be slim.


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