Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist


Had a free 2 hours today where I was forced to sit down and be quiet so I decided to make the ultimate wallpaper for Michael Cera/ Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist fans. The quality of the original pic’s is not very good since I had very little access to the internet. But I think I used the best quote from the film in order to “make” these backgrounds.

Nick 2

Nick 2

As I was creating that everyone around me could not help but laugh at how silly Michael Cera looks in that screen shot.

Nick 1

Nick 1

IMO not as good as Nick 2, but they both are quite poor, I might try and replace them tonight. And if anyone wants the PSD files to give a try just leave a comment and I will up them. Also does  anyone know a good way of making a caption text look better on a pic or is it just good luck and skill?


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