Flos caeli

Flos caeli

Flos Caeli

It has been too long…


The Flatiron


I love this building, it is amazing!

The Flatiron, New York

BMW 6 series Grill



6 Series

Breaking the Universal Speed Limit!

Bus Time Travel

Bus Time Travel

Took this over the summer on the way home from a party.

And yes my camera is resting on a wheelie bin.

Long Exposure Train

Long Exposure of DART

Long Exposure of DART

I have actually started in using photos that I have taken.



Awesome Fringe Leave

Awesome Fringe Leave

OK, I usually do not watch Sci-fi shows, but there is something about J.J. Abrams that just brings out the awesome nerd inside me.

Freaky Baby Apple

Freaky Baby Apple

Yeah, look at the apple!!! There is a freaky APPPLE BABY!!!!!

Wall E

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class

Just saw the movie and thought it was top notch. I need to become more creative!! I just keep taking other peoples images and then doing small amounts of stuff with them. Anyone got any ideas?

17th April 2009


Today man kind took a step back. Today 4 men were sentenced for helping people share information. I agree that some of that information is bound by outdated laws, but the pirate bay tracker is a key player in an open internet for knowledge and information for all. It is quite obvious that this action against these men will not totally take down the bittorrent network or even take down the pirate bay, it is just putting a larger seperation between large media comapnies and consumers. This court case just causes more resentment from end users and large media corporations and will just push people to move to get there content by illegal means. Check out TorrentFreak.com for more information on the trial and on the bittorrent network.

Remember the 17th

Remember the 17th

Monsters Vs Aliens – Insectosauras


It has been quite a while since I made any type of post. I have been all busy the last few weeks.

Insectosauras - Monsters Vs Aliens

Insectosauras - Monsters Vs Aliens

Hope you enjoy this one.

Social Evolution


Just have been thinking of the current economic situation that we are all in, and how so many people can get so depressed about something as needless as money. As people we do not need money. We need clothes, shelter, food and water anything beyond that is not needed but wanted. I totally understand the complete removal of a monetary system would change society imensly. Is that not sad that what defines us as a group of people on a planet is slips of paper and lumps of metal? This is actually not true since 97% of the american dollar does not physically exists, it only exists on computers. That just belittles it more, saying that we are scared of the situation of an object/idea that most of does not physically exist.

For the human race to ever expand we need to socially evolve by breaking away from greed.

Just food for thought.